Friday, 5 December 2008

Lady... What's in the bag ?!?!

Lisette asked me what's in your bag? Here is the answer. I can tell you there was a lot of rubbish in the bag , so for me it was a good opportunity to give it a big clean out.
Do you really want to see it.......

An umbrella, because you never know. I'm not using it a lot because if it is raining in New-Zealand it a very windy as well, so it's better to run if you don't want to be wet.
My Phone, little Oililly mirror and a real dutch Jip en Janneke wallet. A small first aid kit in a nice little tin. Hay fever tables because it is that time of the year again , a very important coffee card (what are we without coffee),A measuring tape because you can always find me in a second hand shop and it is so easy to know if the basket will fit where I planed it.
And my own flyer's from my little " Party in a box " business. So I can always promote myself. If you want a theme party for your kids , you can hire a party box and I guarantee hours of fun.
There is much more so have a look yourself.

I'm curious what Margie carries in her bag. So please show us !!


Andi said...

Im horrified at the thought of cleaning out my bag ... let alone in public. I'm sure there would be old tissues, broken toys, old receipts, the occasional lolly wrapper.
Yours looks amazingly tidy and functional in comparison.
And the bag is absolutely gorgeous.
Andi :-)

lisette said...

Zo kom je toch weer van alles over iemand te weten... Leuk zeg, om thema boxen voor kinderfeestjes te maken. Heel origineel! Ben nog wel heel benieuwd naar die leuke kaartjes met die engeltjes erop.. En heb je niet in NZ dat je dan altijd last hebt van hooikoorts omdat het bijna altijd mooi weer is?
Helemaal te gek dat je een portemonnee van Jip en Janneke hebt! Gaaf.

Margie said...

Jacoline (Lein), What a great post and thank you for the challenge. I was in Vienna for the weekend. I will post a new blog this week. hugs Margie.

Anonymous said...

Hoi Jacoline,
Wat dapper om je tas binnenste buiten te keren voor iedereen :))
Bij mij komt er sowieso een lading papier uit, dat weet ik zeker; kassabonnen en boodschappen -briefjes, hahaha. Wat leuk dat je een Jip- en Janneke portemonnee hebt !
Hartelijke groet, Janneke

Anonymous said...

What a delightful post and I happen to find you through Margie's blog so I'm anticipating what we'll find in her bag as well.

Your bag is just delightful from the onset with it's lovely vibrant pink and so many gorgeous things inside, keeping you ready for any situation!

Your party in a box business sounds fabulous and I'm off to check that out now.

All the best ~ Sharon


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