Friday, 26 June 2009

Long ago !

Sorry girls for my long absence but it is very busy here at the moment. It started first with the flu. I was feeling bad for a couple of days and then of course it effected the rest of the family.
Our eldest girl was really sick and I was a bit worried, with all the stories about swine flu and extra news letters from school. So she was home for the whole week.
Then we had a terrible virus in the computer (named Troy, so better watch out!!!) we had to bring it to the computer shop. We missed him for almost a week and a lot of information is gone, so all the photo's. I really don't like it.

And last but not least I'm very busy with an exciting job. I can't tell you now but hope to let you know what is all going on in our house hold. It is so exciting that I can't sleep at night!! And that tells a lot!

André is still working hard on the kitchen. Sometimes it is easier to place a new one than to renovate an old kitchen. Every time you discover something new what is not OK. We found some nice doorhandles but we have to order them from Australia. It is great to live on an Island but sometimes you feel a bit lonely, if you can find where you are looking for. But we have all the time so we wait and see what they send us. Hopefully the send the right handles.

In the meantime I made a button love heart, easy and very decorative.
Hope to tell you soon about my exciting news!!!
Have a great weekend.


lisette said...

Ja, ik miste je ja. Maar jemig, je bent maar druk zeg! En dan ook nog ziek, ziek gezin EN een zieke computer, dat schiet allemaal niet op.
Wel veel spannende dingen in het vooruitzicht. Ben benieuwd!

little grubs said...

Glad to hear that you are all better - not much fun having flu! Love your heart. very interested to hear what your news is! x

Elly said...

Wat een narigheid! Zieken en een pc die kuren heeft, dat is allemaal niet mis! Gelukkig ben je er weer! Je hart is echt superleuk! Een ideetje om te onthouden!
Succes met jullie keuken en natuurlijk met je nieuwe baan!

Heidi said...

Wat fijn dat je er weer bent.
Wat jammer van al je files op de computer. Maar vlug weer heel veel foto's maken.......

Ben benieuwd naar je keuken.

XO Heidi

Margie said...

Hi Lien, Oh my I cant wait to hear what that news is....I hope everyone recovers well from the illness. That virus on the computer is a really bad one. Drop by Margie's Crafts I am having a giveaway. Hugs Margie.

Anonymous said...

Hallo, ik hoop dat iedereen weer gezond is en dat je computer er weer een poos tegenaan kan ! In maart hebben wij ook zo'n virus gehad, nou wat een toestand!
Ben wel heel benieuwd naar jouw "nieuws"!!
Oh ja en je hartje is super,ik hou van harten :) in alle vormen !
Groetjes, Janneke.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Can't wait to hear your exciting news! Hope you are all feeling better now - I hate the flu season. Love the button heart.

D@nielle said...

wat een superlief hartje zeg, ben benieuwd naar je nieuws !

Roberta Granada said...

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