Sunday, 22 June 2008

Crafty weekend

We had a crafty weekend. On Sunday it was raining the whole day and we really enjoyed it.
It reminds us of the long dark days before Christmas in Holland when everybody is busy making presents and decorating the Christmas tree. We where thinking of putting the Christmas tree on, but we didn't do it.

My middle girl Elle who is turning 13 in 2 days was busy beading and making jewellery what she want to sell on Etsy in the future. I was on the same table sewing a little bag for my MP3 player. It was always flying around in my big bag and I didn't like it. So we were busy but happy. And I made some pencil cases for my Etsy shop. I made the long ones that you can fill and roll up. I like them and they are very handy as well. I made a couple so we have always a nice present to give away when there is a birthday party coming up.

And last but not least I spot a great book at the library; Crafty Girls' Road Trip, by Ann Packer.
It list treasure troves of materials and inspiration for embroiderers, patchworkers, knitters, spinners and other crafty girls, PLUS coffee stops to fuel your journey and somewhere to lay your head.
We are going away to the South Island in the next school holiday so I think I might need this book. So if you are living in NZ and going on a trip this will be a handy book to take. I'll take it!


~Vicki said...

Thank you for inviting me over to your blog. I've enjoyed "meeting" you and visiting here.

Peace & Blessings to you sweetie!

fiona said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. It's really nice getting to know someone new, especially a craft blogger. :)

p.s. your pencil case is sweet!

petra said...

wat een leuke sfeervolle weblog heb je!! mooie foto's en een prachtig hoekje in de tuin. Ik heb weer idee├źn!! je staat bij mijn feeds dus ik kom regelmatig langs!

corry said...

Bedankt voor je bezoekje en ook een fijn weekend voor jou!


This is the first time that I write in my blog.
I am Jacoline, me and my family emigrated to New Zealand from The Netherlands 3 years ago.
I can tell you, we went through some hard times in those 3 years, but we found our dream.

We bought a lovely home close to the beach. I spend a lot of time in our garden which has a lot of fruit trees, a nice vegetable garden and great flowers.

I love to shop in secondhand shops and garages sales are the best invention ever.
My days are filled with craft, cooking , baking and of course my 3 girls.
I try to have a beachwalk every day and on wednesday I join the quilt club.

We are still busy with rebuiling the house to make it a great home.
We like traveling and like to discover our new country.
I keep you updated with new stories, recipes, ideas and pictures every week.