Friday, 8 August 2008

Little girls room.

Lieke has the smallest room in the house so we had to create space for her to play. We gave her a bunk bed , it's easy to have friends over to stay the night. Kids always love to make huts and tents so I made a tent for her to put in front of her bunk so she can play there when she wants. For her it is the perfect spot to hide her toys and clothes when I ask her to tidy-up her room. I made flower pots with flowers and made felt flowers around the window and gave her a little curtain what she can close( if she wants to hide something).
I think it looks great and I love to sleep there once. Maybe I can arrange a sleepover with my little girl.

I made for all of the girls a personal chair with there name. For Lieke of course in pink and red. And she made a name tag for her door all by herself.


willywagtail said...

Hi, I hadn't thought of doing that when I had bunks for mine. What a clever idea! The window is so cute and would make her feel not left out too. If only I could do this in my teenagers room, I wouldn't have to be so depressed all the time. ;-) Cherrie

Anonymous said...

The tent is so cool!

lisette said...

Hoi Lien,

Bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog! Wat een respect heb ik voor jullie emigratie. Echt tof!!
Hebben jullie het naar je zin? ik ben benieuwd.
Ik vind jullie huis ge-wel-dig!! Wat ziet die veranda er gaaf uit zeg!! Echt top!

Nou, groetjes uit het momenteel regenachtige nederland! Ik zal duimen voor je dat je de give away wint. En anders ga ik sowieso een keer iets leuks voor je maken en opsturen. Zo leuk.. een creatieve nederlandse in down under!!

Donna said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog Lien. Love your blog too. You are so creative. I love those houses you made. I got a copy of NZ House and Garden from Alison at So Tread Softly and saw similar ones in there.

Julie said...

What a fantastic idea, ny son has bunk beds and he would LOVE something like that...very cool..X

D@nielle said...

that looks so cute !

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love how you have transformed Leike's room - every little girls dream to have her own little space! Those little house you made recently are really sweet.

julia said...

Thanks for popping by, it's always so nice to hear from someone new and I'm in love with your NZ house! It's a place I've always wanted to visit and maybe will one day when finances allow!
Julia x

kimberlee said...

nice bad cave, I made one of those for my bunk in college when I was having trouble sleeping, though mine was just blankets and not half as nice :)

Gerda said...

it looks loveley...what a great idea.....
and its a beautiful house where you live...(my english is not perfect ...but i do my best...:0)))

Rein said...

Dat ziet er gezellig uit zeg!

13mimosa said...

I won't let my eldest see this. She's already in love with the idea of a bunk bed, if she sees this there will be no end to her discussions!

dottycookie said...

She's a very lucky little girl - that is delightful!

Beata said...

Lucky, lucky Lieke -- what a beautiful idea!!


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