Monday, 13 October 2008

from old to new.

I had a little break again, we had more family over for a few nights. This is going to be a busy year. After 7 more weeks my mum is coming over from Holland, she is staying for 6 weeks. And when all the visitors have left, we are thinking of making a little Bed and Breakfast from the guest room.
I really enjoy having guest over and it is a nice little room so why not.

When my dad was here, he helped me with a old rocking chair that I've got for free from a nice lady in the neighbourhood. It was absolutely not a nice chair but now it looks great and it sits wonderfull. We bought a little fireplace on a garage sale as well . Both of them are standing on the veranda and we already had some great hours sitting out there in the evening with the little fire on. The girls enjoying their marshmallows and we our wine. Life can be so beautiful.


willywagtail said...

Is it wonderful what our old Dads can do. Your idea of a bed and breakfast sounds good too and shouldn't be so hard as most of these people would not impose too much on your time. Cherrie

Primrose Hill said...

Hello ther!

Thanks for visiting Primrose Hill!
I love your rocking chair, is it covered in red and white ticking? One of may fave fabrics!

L x

Emma Herian said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment.
I LOVE your kitchen, it looks like its going to be fantastic when finished. The little settle/bench is such a good idea, so sweet.

lisette said...

Geweldig idee! Een B&B is top! (sinds de laatste jaren, ga ik niet anders op vakantie) Kom ik in de toekomst zeker een keer langs.
Gezellig zeg dat je zoveel familie op bezoek hebt en dat straks je moeder ook nog zo'n lange tijd gaat komen. Dan is ze er zeker ook met kerst en oud&nieuw? Gezellig!
De stoel is helemaal leuk geworden! Ik kan me heel goed voorstellen dat je geniet van een nieuw beklede stoel, een haardje en het lekker samen zijn op jullie mooie veranda. Inderdaad, life can be simple but so good!


This is the first time that I write in my blog.
I am Jacoline, me and my family emigrated to New Zealand from The Netherlands 3 years ago.
I can tell you, we went through some hard times in those 3 years, but we found our dream.

We bought a lovely home close to the beach. I spend a lot of time in our garden which has a lot of fruit trees, a nice vegetable garden and great flowers.

I love to shop in secondhand shops and garages sales are the best invention ever.
My days are filled with craft, cooking , baking and of course my 3 girls.
I try to have a beachwalk every day and on wednesday I join the quilt club.

We are still busy with rebuiling the house to make it a great home.
We like traveling and like to discover our new country.
I keep you updated with new stories, recipes, ideas and pictures every week.