Saturday, 4 April 2009

Cooking disaster.

Once a week Elle (13) makes a nice meal for us. I can tell you she is doing a great job. She is vegetarian and likes cooking and baking (like mum). Our rule is the one who is cooking can choose what to make. She goes through the books during the week and on Saturday she comes out of the kitchen and surprises us every week. Last Saturday she needed a little bit of help from me. She was preparing Sushi. But the smell was terrible. We were looking through the recipe and couldn't find any mistakes. At last we found the mistake. All the ingredients where overdue for more than a year!!!
So off to get some take aways, fish and chips, was a good alternative.

But the best surprise was left till the end. For desert she made a wonderful lemon meringue pie. And is was DELICIOUS !!!!!

Well done darling. I'm looking forward to next Saturday.


willywagtail said...

Commiserations to your daughter. It is terrible when all the work turns out for nothing but at least with sushi it would still have looked pretty.

Andi said...

I wouldn't have bothered with the takeaway. I'd have just had that pie for my dinner. It looks amazing.
Well done!!
Andi :-)

Margie said...

Well done Elle, the pie looks fantastic. It is one thing to make the pie, but another to have it look like that, creative and inspiring mother, creative and inspiring daughter. hugs Margie.

lisette said...

Jemig de pemig.. en ze is pas 13!!! WAUW! Ik doe het haar niet na.. Ziet er super uit. En sushi??? Dat is supermoeilijk.. En nu lag het nog aan de houdbaarheid ook.. Knap hoor!

Anonymous said...

Tjeetje wat ziet die taart er professioneel uit zeg !!! Complimenten hoor, Elle. Ach, en die sushi....volgende keer toch gewoon !
Fijne week nog, Janneke


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