Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I have a dream..........

I have a dream.............to have a nice small garden house, to grow plants, drink coffee, have lunch and maybe sleep on a nice summer night.

All these pictures make me dream..

But this weekend we celebrate Queens birthday and that is an extra day off. We are working in the garden to make our own dream place. So we don't have to dream any longer we can life our dream.


maryanne said...

I love the one with the bed it it, the old suitcases the rustic look. Could be a little chilly this time of year but the idea certainly excites me!

Keep dreaming it's how we find our true self I reckon!

I just stumbled upon your blog today. I'm a Kapiti Coaster as well. I happen to run a website for families out this way. www.kapitikidsconnect.co.nz you may be interested in having your B&B on there!

Anyway keep up the dreaming!

little grubs said...

I think our dreams are quite similar - love all the images you have posted. Good luck with the work this weekend - lets hope the weather improves! x

Corine said...

Prachtige plaatjes om echt bij weg te dromen!
Succes met je plannen!
Groeten, Corine(THUIS)

Heidi said...

Tja, die plaatjes......om van te smullen. Ik ben benieuwd hoe jullie plekje eruit gaat zien!

XO Heidi

SWEET MARY said...

Gorgeous garden rooms - good luck with your dream.

Heidi said...

Haha, je mag gerust sokken bij mij bestellen, ik kan alleen nog geen sokken breien. Ik heb een sok op de pennen staan maar kom er niet uit!Dus misschien heb je de sokken dan pas als ik met pensioen mag...... Enne dat spinnen.....heerlijk rustgevend en niet moeilijk om te leren. Gewoon een spinnewiel kopen (staat ook leuk in je winkel) en beginnen. Op youtube staan ook wel filmpjes waar je wat technieken kunt leren en er is vast iemand in de buurt die je de kneepjes bij kan brengen. Anders kom ik je wel een cursus geven ;-)

XO Heidi

XO Heidi

little grubs said...

Just to let you know there's a little award waiting for you over on my blog. Please don't feel you have to do it but would love to know 10 more things about you and maybe find some new reading in the process! Hope you're having a great weekend. x

lisette said...

Oh the one with the bed in it is perfect!!


This is the first time that I write in my blog.
I am Jacoline, me and my family emigrated to New Zealand from The Netherlands 3 years ago.
I can tell you, we went through some hard times in those 3 years, but we found our dream.

We bought a lovely home close to the beach. I spend a lot of time in our garden which has a lot of fruit trees, a nice vegetable garden and great flowers.

I love to shop in secondhand shops and garages sales are the best invention ever.
My days are filled with craft, cooking , baking and of course my 3 girls.
I try to have a beachwalk every day and on wednesday I join the quilt club.

We are still busy with rebuiling the house to make it a great home.
We like traveling and like to discover our new country.
I keep you updated with new stories, recipes, ideas and pictures every week.