Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Big day out number 2.

Today is was Lieke's turn for her big day out. Most of you know that I do that every year with all of the girls. They can choose what to do and where to go.
We had a great day, the weather was fabulous a nice and sunny Autumn day (still 20 degrees)and no school for her today.
After breakfast when the rest of the family was off to work and school we went to the beach (one place up north) and had a great morning tea with juice, coffee and of course cake. Hurry up mum drink your coffee we have a lot to do today was what she said to me. So off we went to the next stop, the local farmer where you can pick your own fruit.
We picked apples, pears, capsicums,chillies and tomatoes and just the last 4 strawberries from the season, but we eat them strait away (don't tell anybody).

We have to make a lot of apple sauce and dutch apple cake this weekend. And we will eat apples for the next coming weeks, but we love them.

Then it was time for lunch. Her plan was to go to an other beach and have french stick with brie. When she was a little girl (just 2 years old)she loves brie and it is still one of her favorites. So we went to the local supermarket and bought some fresh french stick and a big block of brie. And I can tell you we had great fun!!
But we had to hurry up again , there was more on the list......

We went to a funny little museum, lots to see and lots to do for kids . We always drive past this place and now we have been there . And you can even bring your husband!!

After all she decide to buy a little present for everyone in the family. So hurry up to the op-shop where we found something for everybody. When we came home she was a bit sad in the car, now her big day out was almost over. But she had still her presents to wrap. You can imagine there was a lot to tell at the dinner table and a lot of presents to unwrap.
She is fast asleep now, we had a great big day out !!


Andi said...

What an amazing family tradition.
I love it SOOOOO much!
How old were your kids when you started doing this with them?
Andi :-)

KikiMiss said...

Wow, what a fabulous day out! Your photos are just gorgeous and totally describe the happy mood of the day. May I ask, what brand/model camera do you use? I need a new camera very soon.

*Sweet*Caroline* said...

What a wonderful idea!
And I'm jealous of your wonderful weather....


Calypso said...

It sounds like it was a perfect day. I love the bench!

willywagtail said...

This is a truly lovely idea. You are a great Mum!

Margie said...

Hi Jacoline (Lien), I missed so many of your wonderful posts. I love your outdoor shower and the shell wreath, the flowers and vegetables that you have in season. Your quilt and the bath mat are so beautiful. That is a great idea to have a special day, and be able to cherish that time together. My daughters are 24 and 21 one now and I miss spending time with them. Your photographs are beautiful. I am sure you are not even thinking of Spring during your Autumn, buckets of apples and preserving and collecting so comforting. Congratulations on the four year milestone. Hugs Margie.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely idea to ensure you schedule in a special day with each child. Looks like your daughter planned a great itinerary for you - those apples look so delicious! said...

Glad you popped by my blog. I like the look of yours. Hopefully will have time to read back over your posts at the weekend. The quilt looks fantastic by the way.

Love Emma xxxxx

Elly said...

Dit is echt fantastisch! Een dagje lekker voor één kind, ik ga het ook doen! Dat heb ik me nu ter plekke voorgenomen! Het lijkt me zo leuk en gezellig om ze eens om de beurt een dagje mee uit te nemen. Het hoeft niet gek of ver, maar gewoon een beetje aandacht 1 op 1. Jullie hebben zo te zien en te lezen een prachtige dag gehad, en mooie herinneringen voor later opgebouwd! (erg grappig, die bank voor de mannen!)

sewtakeahike said...

Thank-you so much Jacoline for posting this! Your daughters are so blessed to have such a fun and loving mom to do this for them yearly!

little grubs said...

What a great idea - I think I will have to borrow it!!! It's so nice to spend time individually with family members - something I'm not very good at organising. We're off to UK this weekend so will have to do this when I get back. Many thanks for the idea. x


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