Monday, 9 March 2009

Celebrating 4 years.

I told you that we had something to celebrate. This weekend we were 4 years in New Zealand .
We emigrated 4 years ago with a lot of expectations and non of us knows what is was to live in a other country far from home. Sometimes we had hard times but we can proudly say that we did it and we are all very happy here. We don't know what it is to be homesick but when people are sick at the other site of the wold you wish you were a bit closer.
We lived in 4 houses in New Zealand before we found HOME (where we live now) and the girls are better now in English than in Dutch . We had a lot of visitors over and saw a lot of this wonderful country. But most of all we are Happy!!!

To celebrate this all we went this weekend to Martha's pantry for a high tea. Is was a great afternoon in Wellington.
We had scones, sandwiches, cupcakes, chocolate slice and much more. We taught is this all for us, but I can tell you there was nothing left. It was great, so if you ever in Wellington, it is worth a visit!


Andi said...

High tea looks amazing!!
Andi :-)

Christy said...

Happy 4th anniversary.

High tea looks wonderful. What a lovely way to celebrate.

It's good, that you are happy in New Zealand, as a family.

I've always wanted to visit. It looks to be such a beautiful place.

little grubs said...

What a great place to celebrate! It's great to hear that you are all happy now in NZ - you really do experience every emotion there is when you make such a big move. Here's to the next 4 happy years! x

Elly said...

Die theemuts.... geweldig!!! wat een heerlijke zonnige, feestelijke plaatjes! Alweer 4 jaar geleden.... en al zo thuis! Ik wens jullie nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid met elkaar in het verre Nieuw Zeeland!

byPetra said...

Congratulations! And what a lovely place for a hight tea. I wish you more happy years to come.

lisette said...

Gefeliciteerd! Jeetje, wat gaat het snel dan.. Fijn dat NZ nu ook echt jullie thuis is!

Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd, het feestje zag er wel lekker uit.

~ noekie said...

heey mum
kun je my in you lijst zetten please

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This is the first time that I write in my blog.
I am Jacoline, me and my family emigrated to New Zealand from The Netherlands 3 years ago.
I can tell you, we went through some hard times in those 3 years, but we found our dream.

We bought a lovely home close to the beach. I spend a lot of time in our garden which has a lot of fruit trees, a nice vegetable garden and great flowers.

I love to shop in secondhand shops and garages sales are the best invention ever.
My days are filled with craft, cooking , baking and of course my 3 girls.
I try to have a beachwalk every day and on wednesday I join the quilt club.

We are still busy with rebuiling the house to make it a great home.
We like traveling and like to discover our new country.
I keep you updated with new stories, recipes, ideas and pictures every week.