Monday, 11 May 2009

Bath-room make over


Cleaning, sanding painting, last weekend I did it all. I gave the girls bathroom a little make over. Every house in New-Zealand has two or more bathrooms. In the beginning I thought that's a bit over the top but now we are having our own en-suite and the girls have there own bathroom I think it is wonderful.
When we moved into the house two years ago we already did the walls and the ceiling but never did the rest. So now it was the time to do it.
You can tell me what you think about it. It think it looks much better!


I love the new door knobs. Bought them in a great shop in Wellington called Magnolia.

Of course I made a little flower arrangement from fresh flowers out of the garden.
Flowers make the house a real home.
And I bought the girls a range of new bath products. But now we have the problem that they won't come out of the bathroom anymore.

And last but not least I want to show you the best breakfast ever. Sunday it was mothers-day and we don't really celebrate it because my birthday is a week before, but my little 10 year old made me this lovely breakfast and a great painting. The other two girls where off to there weekend job and daddy was biking, so we had a great time together. Thanks darling I love you!!!
xxx Mum.


Andi said...

Amazing job on the bathroom
OK, I concede that the bathmat is beautifully suited to that gorgeous new room.
Lucky girls!
Andi :-)

willywagtail said...

i always love the European idea of white on white. (Might be because my mummy was German.) You can then introduce any feel you want. You have done an excellent job.

Marian said...

ja, daar past die heerlijke badmat wel heel mooi bij!

lisette said...

In één (of drie, maar net hoe je 't bekijkt) woord; GE-WEL-DIG!! Super badkamer geworden! En inderdaad, de badmat is supermooi bij deze supermooie badkamer.
(en hoe lief is je dochter!!!)


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