Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday, My Day.

Monday, my day again. What happened with the time, hours, days , weeks.
Monday, my day off . I'm not talking about my beautiful beach walk and don't show you lovely pictures. You probably have enough off them.
But in between my paint jobs (an other door, a chair, a kids kitchen for the shop and some other bits and pieces) I've been to the beach , to the second hand shop and made some flower arrangements from the last autumn flowers out of the garden.

A few pieces of fabric that I found in the second hand shop. Sometimes when I see a fabric I know what I want to make. So the ideas are there, now some time to make it.

Do you know what our winter project is?


Andi said...

Are we thinking green house???
Great fabric finds.
Some people just don't know what they're throwing away!!

Heidi said...

Prachtige bloemen en prachtige stof! Super. (wat ga ervan maken?)

Knap dat je weer een deur hebt geschilderd.

XO Heidi

Ruth said...

Hi jacoline,
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Did you relaise that I am from NZ? We are desperately trying to get our house sold so that we can move home. I have been in the UK for 18 years and really miss the Kiwi life style.
Your shop is absolutely gorgeous and now that I know I can buy CK from NZ I am happy to move there!!lol!!
Good luck with your shop and I hope your Mum is better and that eveything worked out's such a worry being on the other side of the world.
Hugs Ruth xxx

Corine said...

Een tuinkamer??
Lijkt me heerlijk!
Hoe 'koud' is het eigenlijk daar in jullie winter?
Groeten, Corine(THUIS)

Ange said...

Love those flowers in the glass bottles ... pretty!!

little grubs said...

Love the using of the last flowers! The fabric finds are great. As for the window frames - are you setting up a new business in the recycling trade?!!!


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