Sunday, 23 May 2010

Time to relax....?

The laundry is finished. Not really because there is always some washing to do but the painting and decoration is done. It looks great and I'm happy with the end result.

It looks fresh and welcoming although it is not my favorite room to be.

My little girl made the curtain in front of the cat door.

I found this piece of driftwood on the beach and with some hooks we made this.

Time to relax.... No , there are heaps of feijoas and I want to make feijoa crumble for dessert and I'm still painting more and more doors.

This is how it all looked before, that's why I don't want to look back.


Anouk said...

very nice, now getting the dirty washing is even more fun =] x love you mum

Margie said...

You did a wonderful job, so pretty and I can identify with it not being the room you want to spend too much time in but when you do it is lovely to behold. I hope you enjoy your Monday. Hugs, Margie.

Corine said...

Dat is wel een hele leuke voor/na verandering! En dat strandhout dat vind ik top!
Mooi gordijn gemaakt door meisjelief.. Gaat goed daar bij jullie! Nog even stug doorschilderen en je hele huis wordt een droomlocatie :)
Groeten, Corine(THUIS)

Surfer Rosa said...

I love your driftwood hooks and the cat door curtain is just too cute!!

Sonja said...

Hoi Jacoline, bedankt voor je berichtje! Wat leuk.. Heb gelijk even bij je rond gesnuffelt, wat ziet het er gezellg uit en wat woon je mooi! Maar wat een avontuur om te emigreren.. nu een beetje gewend?

Wat ziet je winkel er gezellig uit, vooral het Cath Kidston en Green Gate.. super!!

Fijne week..
Groetjes, Sonja

SWEET MARY said...

A laundry can be a good place if it looks like yours - lovely.

little grubs said...

Great before and after shots - you wouldn't recognise it as the same room! x

Laura CheBirba said...

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